Her dark skin glowed like

fresh brewed coffee

as she sat before the 

oceans shore.

She felt a presence. . .


Peace she 

never felt before.

Rays of the sun 

gazed among her 

kinky coils.

She bathed in the breeze

and heard the whispers in the air.

Peace was the only essence she felt there.

Summer was different 

in June.

She blossomed 

like a May flower. . .

underneath the moon.

The ocean waves rippled 

in the distance.

The sunset was 

a painting in the sky.

She blew kisses to the wind

and watched the hushed

birds fly by.

Her eyes sparkled 

like diamonds.

Her smile was 

discovered gold.

The way she was unraveling was 

like a story being told.

Summer was a different 

girl in June.

She blossomed 

like a May flower

underneath the moon.

*Written and Illustrated by

Guest Blogger Robyn Dionne