Tonight I’m thinking of you. All of you who follow my blog posts, and my other social media platforms because you truly love and support me. I just want to say thank you for all that you do! Your love conveyed in encouraging words, prayers, and gifts are so appreciated. I am saying a prayer especially for you! I pray that even during this time in which COVID-19 has the entire world in a pandemic, and there is chaos all around that God’s love and grace chases you everywhere you go (even while you’re resting at home).

I also wanted to pop on here to let you know that I’m moving from my urban cozy little world (townhome and all) here in metro Atlanta to a very rural area in East Texas! Yes, indeed, I’m anticipating a culture shock. . .but I’m ready.

For more than a decade, I’ve worked at, served in, and supported my church, and various ministries in the Atlanta area. These experiences have helped my daughter and myself grow not only spiritually but mentally as well. Just thinking of the memories, the years, and all the precious moments I’ve spent here doing what I’ve felt I was called to do, for so long. . . it brings tears to my eyes, but I’m trying to be strong so that I can write this! I do have such joy and overwhelming appreciation for all of the transformative lessons I’ve learned throughout these years… more than a decade of precious experiences.

I have such a heart to do more in ministry and with my writing. This blog has become my outlet in so many ways. I am not sure what to share, and what to keep close to my heart, but at any rate, I will take you, those dear to me, along this journey with me.

I’m truly a person who has always been afraid of change! Lol.😳👀😝 Of course, facing this new change has made me so anxious. . .I have to admit. I’ve been afraid of change for some time now.

While I was thinking of all of this last Sunday and thumbing down my feed, I found Jen Stockman preaching live at Bethel Atlanta. I actually was scrolling through my Facebook feed late in the evening, and I came upon the playback video of the live recording. I stopped because she was speaking on Jehoshaphat and talking about how he turned to God while facing an ambush, saying, “We are powerless against this mighty army that is about to attack us. We do not know what to do, but we are looking to you for help. “

I was so moved by her sermon! I thought to myself as she was preaching, “With all of these changes and situations. . .fears attacking my mind. . .I’m looking to you, Lord, for help!” I loved her message!

As I start this new journey, please know that I’m looking to God for all of His help…in every way. I also praise and thank Him, because I know I’ve already won the war against the enemy who wants me to be tormented by fear.

As you can see, I’m moving forward in faith. Taking baby steps depending on His grace, realizing that His grace and love is gently nudging me into this new and exciting season.

I want to say that those who have shown me so much love, appreciation, and support. . .I will definitely keep in touch!

*This is the first in a blog post series I’m calling, “Leaving Atlanta”…stay tuned.