Overthinking a Simple Walk Outside? Please Don’t…

Ok guys. . . this is growth. I am resisting the urge to overthink a simple walk. I am working from home, finishing my Master’s degree. Some days I skip going outside (to a nearby park), and taking a simple walk to briefly experience nature and give my body (and mind) extra exercise and freedom. . .resist the urge. . .just get outside. . . take a short walk today (for at least 20 minutes). You will feel SO👏🏾much👏🏾 better👏🏾. . .I am going to share some benefits of taking short 30-minute walks later. . .until then have a blessed one! 👋🏾❤

Published by Naturally Ms. Tawanda

I have worked in various areas in ministry, mainly as a ghostwriter for more than 14 years. I'm a teacher and leader at a local Celebrate Recovery. I call this blog Naturally Ms. Tawanda because as a black woman, I always receive questions about my freaking hair, which I wear in its natural state most of the time. My hobby is finding new ways to keep, not only my hair healthy, but also my body, mind, and spirit. I strive to find contentment, peace, love, joy, and happiness in life. . .in every single moment. I'm on a journey to remain whole. . .spirit, soul, and body. I hope what I discover on this journey can help you somehow. Thanks for visiting my blog. . .my humble abode on the internet.

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